A Memebox commercial I got to score. Produced by BeFunnyStudios


film by Pedro Vergani // Calarts 2014

The Boy and his Daddy

film by De'Von Stubblefield // Calarts 2014

This Actually Happens

film by Tom Law // Calarts 2013 // Drums by John Chong

Space Escape

film by Ben Choi // Calarts 2013

Jimmy Lee - Composition Reel

excerpt from: Tartelette (2011), Water on Mars (2012)

Car Commercial

Commercial scoring exercise from COC 2009

Super Old

film by Ben Holm // Calarts 2012

I'm a Monster

film by Gabriel Lin // Calarts 2012 // Violins by Jennifer Rim


excerpt from Pure A Bouldering by Chuck Fryberger I did my own music over it for fun.

Why Would You [original]

A salute to today's music industry with its auto-tune and unmusicality // Presenting Jimmy as Jkon and Alex as T-Hwang This is the product of a songwriting session fallen victim to A.D.D // 5min scratch beat + one-take vocal = genius/huh?